Sunday, December 27, 2020

From Shauna Rand and Susan Leff

I hope this all finds you enjoying this time of year and hope you’re able to spend some of these dark, short days in front of your sewing machine, doing what we all love to do!  Susan Leff and I will be heading up the tracking of comfort quilts this year.  Comfort quilts is the name for all Charity quilts that Guild members make for Pike's Place Preschool, Head Start Preschool, Chemo, Healing, and Quilts of Valor.  Beth Phillips will still be managing and collecting for Quilts of Valor.  


We would love to hear from you about how many quilts you could make for this coming year.  I’m working on a new board for us, Susan has some great spreadsheets and I would like to input the 2021 commitments. If you have already completed a quilt, could you please let us know so the Guild can track and get credit for your lovely work?  We can collect the quilts and make sure it falls into the right hands for distribution.  Last year we made a record number and Mary and Beth were able to deliver them to the delight of all that have received them!  We will follow up with all of you with pictures and videos, etc. as we can so you can share in the joy.   


I know these times are challenging, and we’re all struggling with communication, not being able to get together much, and talk as we used to during our meetings, but we will make every effort to  see that progress continues…though it may be virtually for the time being. I will include our email addresses and phones so you can contact us at any time. 


We have pre-printed quilt labels available for any Guild quilts.  Here are the preferred sizes of the different quilts.  


Pike Market Pre-School and Head Start All Day Program
        42 x 54 inches


Pike Market Baby Quilts
    36/38  x 40 inches 


Healing Quilts & Chemo Quilts for Peace Health
    48/50 Minimum  x 60 inches


Quilts of Valor
    ( Official Size is)
      60 x 80
But we accept
     58 x 72 (at least)



We look forward to the time we can return to in-person meetings and see everyone, it will not be so far off in 2021, I hope.  Thank you for all your work.  Please let us know how many quilts you can donate to the Guild in 2021.  Our contact info is below. 


Susan Leff     360-298-1636
Shauna Rand 360-472-1845